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The airbag of Erasmus+

The purpose of this project is to improve the quality of Erasmus + projects, improving the skills of young workers, providing them with practical and useful tools to be able to train and act appropriately in emergency situations or incidents that arise during a project.


Find your way out of the digital labyrinth - TECHBYRINTH

Find your way out the technological addiction labyrinth – TECHBYRINTH is a project aimed to raise awareness about the risk of technological and online addictions and to provide viable solutions and advice related to digital competences for youth and youth workers.

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The main idea of the project consists in designing and implementing an educational model based on gamification and game based learning with its corresponding manual to contribute from the very beginning to the causes that could make the reduction of early school leaving and social inclusion possible.

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The main idea of the project consists in providing new educational methodology called BBU - Building Based Upskilling. The partnership will provide BBU methodology to adult educators in order to be able to use it with their learners, more specific NEETs, to enhance their transversal and key competences. Moreover this project is meant to offer indirect learning support for adults with low qualification and other socio-demographic disadvantages.

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